Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup by L'Oreal Paris

 I am one of the many oily ladies out there.  So looking for the perfect foundation has become a mission of mine.  I have tried every brand you can think of.  So I am always checking out tweets and You Tube videos for new things I might need to try out.  I was tipped off about this amazing product by my Biiisshhhhhh Alondra (MzMaKeUpArTiZt on You Tube) so had to run out and get one for myself.  She got it at her local Target so that is the first place I went to look for it.  However, down here in So Cal (Anaheim to be exact) it was not available at Target.  I then went to my local Walmart and woo hoo I found it & the price there is $13.97.  Below is a photo of the actual display.
Check out this product by  clicking this link ~~~> L'Oreal Paris 
"Every stunning look begins with a gorgeous foundation. L’Oreal’s Magic Smooth Souffle creates a flawless silky, even toned, finish.  Apply it daily to achieve smooth, poreless perfection.  Available in a wide range of tones, Magic Smooth Souffle is versatile enough to beautify every skin type."
***Phrases most frequently used to describe this product***
Great Coverage
Eliminates Redness
Smooth Skin
Very Smooth Texture
 I am am completely in love with the packaging.  It is a glass container and looks extremely high end.  My shade is #524 Buff Beige.  There are 12 colors in total:
Sun Beige ~ Nude Beige ~ Classic Ivory ~ Classic Tan ~ True Beige ~ Buff Beige ~ Natural Ivory ~ Natural Beige ~ Light Ivory ~ Sand Beige
The texture of this product is amazing it is so silky like satin in a jar.  I started using it today and love the way it feels.  I feel like I have no makeup on which is a great feeling.  I will keep on using this and then be doing a review for you all... thanks for coming by see ya in the next post :)


  1. great post girl :) I still haven't picked it up yet. Hopefully I will soon! :)

  2. Thanks for good review:D What color are you in Mac`s foundations? :) Just wonder so I know what shade thats will match my skintone.
    Can you answer at my blog?:)

  3. I wish I could remember my shade! I STIIL haven’t found a good replacement since they discontinued this foundation! I’m thinking maybe the new Rihanna “Fenty” foundation bit that stuff is $25.....SHEESH!