Wednesday, February 9, 2011

L'Oreal Paris "Hydra Perfecte" Perfecting Loose Powder

So my compact powder usually goes the fastest of all my products because I use it daily.  I used MAC Studio Fix NC35 is my shade but over time it just seemed to make me way to oily for my liking...LOL.  So just like my foundations I am always on the look out for a new face powder to try out.  I am a HUGE L'Oreal Paris fan have been since my teen years which is a while back...!   I am loving there new Souffle Foundation so thought let me try out there Loose Powder.  I bought this at my local Walmart which I find has the best prices for cosmetics.  The price at Walmart is $7.97
 As you can see below my shade is Medium.  I believe there are 5 shades total starting with a Transluscent one.  It also does come with a puff which I won't use because I use a Kabuki Brush to apply it.  I am wearing it today and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It set my foundation lovely... and I am still not showing any oil and I put my face on this morning at 6am (PST).  I will continue to use this daily and do a review very soon.
 Oh and have found a new Mattifier for the face trying it out for about 7 days then will let you know what it is and how I am liking it... so stay tuned.
Again thanks for coming by to check out my BLOG and make sure to share your feedback with me in the comment section.  xxoo

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sally Beauty Supply - Sally Girl DEAL

If you came and checked out my 1st makeup post then you know what a great deal I got on some amazing single E/S's from the Sally Girl line...well I loved the pigmentation so much that I went back and completed my collection.  Below is the deal that is going on right now.  Just an FYI there is a coupon to pull off at the display so you can get the deal at the time of purchase.  The downside is that it is one coupon per purchase.  So since I had to get them all ...LOL... I ended up doing multiple transactions but hey it was worth it.  Get down to your local Sally Beauty Supply today...!  The deal is good thru 2/26/2011.  If you didn't see my previous post these little shadows have awesome packaging with interlocking cases.  Make your own mini palettes.


Gun Metal ~ Green Apple ~ Olive ~ Glow Green 

Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Bark ~ Teal ~ Turquoise  ~ Blue Marine
Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion  
Platinum ~ Charcoal ~ Starry Night ~ Onyx 
Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion   
Navy ~ Midnight ~ Purple Haze ~ Burgundy 
Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion   
Latte ~ Cream Cocoa~ Orange Crush ~ Auburn 
Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion   

Cinnamon ~ Fairy Pink ~ Mauve ~ Cranberry 
Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion   
 Highlighter in Soft Lights
Swatch over Urban Decay Primer Potion   

So that is my collective haul & swatches for Sally Girl Single E/S's.  I have used them several times and the they are super satiny, easy to blend, and very pigmented.  I have worn them all day and had no creasing at all over my UDPP.  Hope you will all come back and visit again I have tons more to talk about ...

NEW Magic Smooth Souffle Makeup by L'Oreal Paris

 I am one of the many oily ladies out there.  So looking for the perfect foundation has become a mission of mine.  I have tried every brand you can think of.  So I am always checking out tweets and You Tube videos for new things I might need to try out.  I was tipped off about this amazing product by my Biiisshhhhhh Alondra (MzMaKeUpArTiZt on You Tube) so had to run out and get one for myself.  She got it at her local Target so that is the first place I went to look for it.  However, down here in So Cal (Anaheim to be exact) it was not available at Target.  I then went to my local Walmart and woo hoo I found it & the price there is $13.97.  Below is a photo of the actual display.
Check out this product by  clicking this link ~~~> L'Oreal Paris 
"Every stunning look begins with a gorgeous foundation. L’Oreal’s Magic Smooth Souffle creates a flawless silky, even toned, finish.  Apply it daily to achieve smooth, poreless perfection.  Available in a wide range of tones, Magic Smooth Souffle is versatile enough to beautify every skin type."
***Phrases most frequently used to describe this product***
Great Coverage
Eliminates Redness
Smooth Skin
Very Smooth Texture
 I am am completely in love with the packaging.  It is a glass container and looks extremely high end.  My shade is #524 Buff Beige.  There are 12 colors in total:
Sun Beige ~ Nude Beige ~ Classic Ivory ~ Classic Tan ~ True Beige ~ Buff Beige ~ Natural Ivory ~ Natural Beige ~ Light Ivory ~ Sand Beige
The texture of this product is amazing it is so silky like satin in a jar.  I started using it today and love the way it feels.  I feel like I have no makeup on which is a great feeling.  I will keep on using this and then be doing a review for you all... thanks for coming by see ya in the next post :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sally Girl Single Eye Shadows

So as my first official makeup blog Sally Beauty Supply will be featured first.  I had to go into the store yesterday to get some items for my Character Class I am currently taking at Downey Adult School.  Of course as you all know I am a collector of all things MAKEUP!!! so on my way to the register I spotted the single Sally Girl E/S's.  Here are the colors I chose for myself...

Rich Mocha

Yes they are small but this little eye shadow packs a lot of PUNCH as far as pigment goes.  Also for the price you can not beat it... you can get one of these awesome E/S's for the price of  $. 99 Cents.  Yes that is all and right now they are having a promotion on Sally Girl Products inlcuding these.  The promo is Buy 5 and get 1 FREE!  So make sure and get to your local Sally Beauty Supply.

Snow ~ Champagne ~ Emerald ~ Golden Bronze ~ Copper ~ Brick

 Now aside from the low low price on these amazing products they did some thinking behind there packaging.  As you can see these shadows are small in size so losing them could be an issue if you have as much MAKEUP as I do...LOL!  But check out the photos below what they did was add groves to the sides so you can connect the shadows together.  Kind of making your own little mini palettes. 

 Then finally some swatches for you all to check out. 

No Base

Swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion
I hope you have all enjoyed this very firs Makeup post....there are so many more to come...xxoo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting the hang of this BLOG thang!!! :}

Hey everyone it's Esther the Makeup Addict or as my You Tube Subscribers know me Allaboutmakeup1979. I have been into makeup since my young days in elementary school carrying around my little clear plastic purse with the Pixie brand makeup lol. I am a self taught makeup artist climbing my way to the top in this amazing industry. Have worked with everyday people as well as celebrities, I have been apart of amazing events which you will see more about in my future blogs. I have also made amazing new friends with talent like me!!! So I hope u all will keep coming back to see my view on makeup, heatlth, everyday life and just everything else lol so xxoo til next time